Try It Yourself

Step 1: Download the simulator from the NEURON download page.

Step 2: Find program of interest on the Model DB website or create your own model. To begin with, it may be beneficial to start with the model provided on this site.

Step 3: Save the file of interest in "Notepad" as .hoc. This allowed it to open in NEURON since it is difficult to write the program directly in NEURON.

Step 4: To run your code, double click in the code icon.

Step 5: From the "NEURON Main Menu" click on "TOOLS -> Run Control" then changed the initial voltage to -70mV.

Step 6: To get the desired graph, go to "GRAPH -> Shape Plot".

Step 7: Right click in the "shape space" plot window and select "Space plot".

Step 8: Highlight the line in the space plot window and a new graphing window should appear.

Step 9: Go back to the NEURON Main Menu and select "Movie Run" under "Tools"

Step 10: Again, under "Tools", select "Pint processes -> managers -> point managers".

Step 11: The Following window will appear. In this window, click "SelectPointProcess -> IClamps"

Step 12: Once this window comes up, put in the desired settings. For this example use del:1, dur: 0.5, amp : 10.

Step 13: After everything is set up, press "Init & Run" in the "Movie Run" window and view generated graph.

The Code Used to Generate this Simulation:

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