NSG Portal Usage Metrics

The metrics of success for the NSG is based on the following quantifiable data and these are collected via user survey, user forums, and allocation usage analysis.

  • Number of publications that credit NSG for their simulations
  • Total number of users using the NSG
  • Number of new users registering at the NSG portal every quarter
  • Number of user jobs recorded per quarter
  • Total amount of computer time consumed on HPC resources per quarter by NSG users
  • Number of classes and tutorial that use NSG

NSG has been in production since Dec 2012. The usage statistics from July 2013 -July 2014 are shown below. Alternate Text

A SU refer to a service unit which is one hour of computing time on 1 CPU of a HPC system (in this case on the Trestles HPC machine at SDSC).

Alternate Text
A job refer to a simulation run using certain number of cores of a HPC machine. Job size refers to the number of cores that were used to run a job.