NSG High Performance Computing Resources

XSEDE HPC resources are used in the backend to run computational jobs submitted through the NSG Portal. These resources are acquired, by the NSG PI and Co-PIs, by submitting annual XRAC allocation proposal to XSEDE; these proposals are peer reviewed and based on the review results computer time is awarded yearly for the NSG. Every year before the XRAC allocation proposal due date (early October), NSG PI and Co-PIs will contact NSG users to get an idea about their simulations and how much time researchers might need for the coming year.

NSG Data Management

NSG provides space for user's input and output data in their workspace.

Since storage space is limited and should be used by active users, we contact users who have not used NSG for a year. If even after such courtesy notice, an user does not use NSG, we will delete the user's data to conserve storage for active users.