How to report failed jobs

Reporting a failed job

When your job fails, the best way for us to help you is to be able to locate the job, and trace back to a failure condition. To find your job, we need what's called the "Job Handle".
Locating the Job Handle:

  • Go to the tasks under your folder in the portal and find the job(s) that failed.
  • Click on the hyperlink in the "Label" column for each task that failed. Under task messages you should see similar text to:
    Sat Jan 19 10:27:57 PST 2013 > INITIALIZE : SUCCESS : NGBW-JOB-NEURON_TG-70DE4483F57540A9ADD8EBACA5233709 : Task 8751 successfully initialized.
    Sat Jan 19 10:27:58 PST 2013 > INPUTCHECK : SUCCESS : NGBW-JOB-NEURON_TG-70DE4483F57540A9ADD8EBACA5233709 : Input data successfully checked, data valid.
    Sat Jan 19 10:27:58 PST 2013 > COMMANDRENDERING : SUCCESS : NGBW-JOB-NEURON_TG-70DE4483F57540A9ADD8EBACA5233709 : Commandrendered successfully: nrniv inputfile
For each job that fails, paste that whole text into an email and send it to The text:
is "the handle". We use the handle to uniquely identify each job, and with it we can troubleshoot efficiently.