NSG Portal Policies

The Neuroscience Gateway (NSG) is available for all neuroscience researchers irrespective of which country they are from. Researchers can request an account for the NSG and when approved can use NSG to submit jobs on supercomputing resources. The usage limit is based on individual user's requirement. The starting limit, for all the users, is 20,000 core hours per year. Industrial users can use the NSG as long as they publish their research results in open journals. Once an user uses up the initial 20,000 core hours on the NSG, he/she can request additional hours based on the research needs which will be reviewd by NSG team.

Users who require a large individual allocation will be asked to request a personal supercomputer time allocation to continue their work. Individuals at US academic and non-profit institutions and those with collaborators in the US can request allocations starting at 50,000 core hours. There is no upper limit to the number of core hours that can be requested. Users who receive an allocation award can run jobs through the NSG Gateway just as other users do (please email nsghelp@sdsc.edu to set it up). Their usage is charged to their individual user account until the allocation is exhausted. At that time the user can submit a request for supplemental time, or submit a renewal request. Our group will provide support and advice on submitting allocation proposals. Let us know if you need help with the process.

Why do I have to do this? The logic for the request is simple: you are requesting access to large and costly resources funded by the US National Science Foundation. These resources are always over-requested. The application process insures that proposal request for computational resources is peer reviewed, and uses resources funded by US taxpayers well.